Everyday, thousands of patients and their families are faced with the challenge of arranging long distance medical transportation.

Other companies have identified the need. We went one step further by providing the solution.

Ameritrans© provides long distance stretcher transportation throughout the United States with an emphasis on comfort, service and care. While traveling in the nicest patient transport vans on the road, you can watch TV or DVD movies while lying on the stretcher and ease the anxiety that naturally comes with healthcare related events such as medical transportation. When researching your options, your concerns should be whether or not:

  • The service is designed around the needs of the patient.
  • The vehicle is safe, comfortable and dependable.
  • The vehicle has the most up to date safety features.
  • The personnel know how to correctly transfer patients without compromising medical conditions.
  • The staff knows how to address infection control issues and maintain cleanliness according to healthcare standards.
  • The company you are hiring is licensed in the state that you need them in.
  • The staff on board knows how to communicate with the patient, physician and nursing staff.
  • The company’s staff understands the significance of patient confidentiality and knows how to maintain it.
  • The personnel will be identifiable in a neat uniform and with picture identification.
  • The company will be there when they say they will.
  • The company carries general as well as professional liability insurance.
  • The service is willing to transfer from “bed to bed” not from “door to door”.
  • The patient will be addressed and attended to in a professional and courteous manner.

Ameritrans© was created as a solution to patients in need of long distance non-emergency medical transportation. Before Ameritrans©, an ambulance was the only means of safely moving a person by stretcher. The cost of that “mobile emergency room” was enormous and not very comfortable either. We set out to find a more efficient, cost effective solution without compromising care. We asked patients as well as medical personnel what they would like to see in a long-distance transportation service. The result of that survey is Ameritrans©, a company that elevated the standards in the non-emergency transport industry. We went beyond what was required, above what you expect, and “outside of the box”. Every patient in our care reaches their destination comfortably, safely and with the least expense to them.

  1. We maintain a fleet of NEW Ford E250 vans as well as Dodge Sprinters and specially modify them to safely hold full sized stretchers. All of our vehicles are specifically designed for patient comfort and safety.
  2. We purchased the newest Stryker stretchers to safely lock in place, adjust to various reclining levels while providing the patient with the most comfort available.
  3. We exceed state requirements for non-emergency staffing by using only EMT’s and Paramedics on board all vans and during all transports. (virtually unheard of in non-emergency transport services)
  4. We exceeded state requirements for insurance minimums by adding professional liability coverage on our employees while in your home or health care facility.
  5. We obtained authorization by the Federal Department of Transportation to operate and transport patients in all 50 states.
  6. We installed front and rear air conditioning and heating units for patient comfort.
  7. We provide for family members and caregivers to ride with the patient at no additional charge.
  8. We installed DVD /TV screens that fold out of the ceiling for patients to view during transport.
  9. We utilize the latest radio and mobile phone equipment so that drivers have continuous communication with our dispatch center, family members, and medical staff when needed.
Who are our clients? Patients who prefer to lie down while being transferred from their home to the home of a family member in another state or anywhere that involves a lengthy transport. Individuals moving from one retirement home or nursing center to another across state lines. Patients transferring from one medical center to one in another state for further treatment. Insurance companies needing to provide long distance stretcher transportation for a patient. Nursing Homes wishing to transport an out of state patient to their own facility. Patients who might be able to walk but would be too uncomfortable to ride in a personal car for a long distance trip.